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Wrindu RDCD-Ⅱ/503D Cable Fault Pinpoint Locator (multifunction)

1. Fixed-point accuracy: 0. 1m.

2. Bandwidth: 300-1500Hz arbitrarily adjustable.

3. Signal gain: >80dB.

4. Power supply: built-in 3400mAH lithium-ion battery.

5. Display: 7-inch color LCD touch screen.

6. Operation: Touch and key dual operation.

7. Size: Main unit 252*160 *68 (mm).

8. Weight: Main unit 2. 1kg; Sensor 2. 5kg.

9. Operating conditions: Temperature: 25°C-40°C; Humidity 90%RH.


Product Features 

1. It has the versatility of precise point determination, path detection and step voltage point fixing.

2. The acoustic-magnetic delay value is displayed directly by an intelligent algorithm, and the compass indicates the cable path.

3. The filtering parameters are adjustable. It can suppress environmental noise and is suitable for complex environments.

4. The automatic gain value and trigger value of the acoustic signal and magnetic signal makes the point fixing easy and convenient.

5. High-performance anti-noise monitoring headphones ensure that the discharge sound is not distorted.

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