YuYang YY842 Electronic Single Yarn Strength Tester Textile Testing Equipment

  • Manufacturer: YuYang
    Model: YY842
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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1. Force scale: 0-1000cN; 0-3000cN; 0-5000cN

2. Force division: 0.5CN; 1CN; 1cN

3. Precision: <=1 %F.S

4. Extension speed: 50-1000mm/min (adjustable)

5. Reverting speed: 50-1000mm/min (adjustable)

6. Extension scale: 100mm,250mm,500mm (three selection)

7. Pretension: 0~150cN (có thể điều chỉnh)

8. Power: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

9. Dimension: 370*450*970mm

10. Weight: 60kg



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